Dirt cheap Christmas pinspiration

I’ve decided to make gifts this year and went to none other than Pinterest to gather ideas-and inspiration.

cheapcheer copy

I like everything to be homemade around the holidays. I always have and probably always will. From Christmas cards all the way to gifts, I have never been the type to enjoy shopping for a gift. Never. I have always wanted my gifts to mean something. I’ve always wanted them to be personal, as these are:

1. Peppermint foot soak: How simple is this gift to make? Buy the epsom salts and peppermint oil. Mix. Toss in jar and decorate.

2. Cocoa stirrers: I love this! Candy canes with marshmallows stuck to them! I’ll happily stir my cocoa with this any day!

3. Cookies in bags: Simple as it gets!

4. Cocoa mix: Love, love, love this idea!

5. Banana bread in a jar: This is also an awesome idea. I’d be afraid that the jars would explode on me though!


Hope you enjoyed these ideas!

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